Floorball Equipment

  • Floorball sticks are engineered for superior stickhandling, ball control and shooting. A floorball stick should reach about two centimeters above the belly button of the player. 
  • The official ball is made of hard plastic with evenly distributed holes (similar to a wiffle ball) and the net is similar to the size of an ice hockey net.
  • Players are not required to wear any protective equipment but protective eyewear may be worn, if desired.


Floorball Rules

  • Stick must remain below the waist.
  • Ball is played below knee level at all times.
  • No body contact, no blocking/screening of opposing players.
  • Stick-on-body contact or stick-on-stick contact is not permitted.
  • No hitting, lifting or pinning of the opponent’s stick.
  • Free hits similar to a free kick in soccer are given for minor rule infractions.
  • No offside or icing.